OIP-900 Infusion Pump

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  • Large LCD display, with backlight, suitable for working in various ambient light conditions.
  • Disposable IV set of any brand is suitable for this pump
  • Three working modes: Rate/Volume/Time mode
  • Purge, KVO function
  • Heating function is optional, suitable for infusing in winter or there is requirement for the medication temperature.
  • Remote Controller makes operating more convenient.
  • Central monitoring system is optional, the infusing status of each pump is displayed in real time at the central station through wireless transmission.
  • Simple and convenient in operating, intuitive presence of working status.
  • Audible and Visible alarms
  • Alarm: Infusion Complete, Empty, Faulty Signal, Misoperation, Occlusion, Door Open, Air Bubble, Low Battery, Setting Error, AC power off, Idle.

Size: 188 mm(L)*198 mm(W)*228 mm(H)

Net Weight: 2.2kg

  • Manufactured by: Osen Technology

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