JPD-E06 Six Channel ECG

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  • Digital isolation technology is for minimizing component drift v/s time& temperature to guarantee high-adaptability of the equipment to the environment.
  • Digital signal processor for effective inhibition of baseline drift, AC interference filter, EMG interference filter and the heart rate, to guarantee the authenticity and dependability.
  • With function of rhythm lead for observing abnormal ECG waveform & heart rate, Automatic Measurement and Interpretation of ECG waveform to relieve doctors from strain.
  • Roll recording paper for digital ECG is 112mm in width, can simultaneously show 12 lead waveforms and print out three real time lead waveforms.
  • Big LCD screen,can display ECG waveforms and operating status.
  • Built-in RS232 interface, USB interface is optional.
  • Concept of floating input circuit meets IEC safety standard.
  • Supported by AC/Rechargeable battery for continuous examination whenever necessary. For battery operation, ECG is equipped with a battery charger and a system for battery capacity management and protection.

  • Manufactured by: Jumper Medical

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