PC-2000 Obstetric Central System

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Obstetric Central Monitoring System†is used to monitor Fetal Heart Rate, Toco, Fetal Movement and the waveforms of motherís ECG, RESP, Pulse and other parameters.

Features of Obstetric Central Monitoring System

  • Friendly interface and easy operation for User.
  • Large-sized CRT displays patientsí physical parameters in colors.
  • Graphic trends for fetal heart rate, Toco, heart rate, RESP rate, SpO2, pulse rate and NIBP.
  • Waveform freezing and analysis functions.
  • Storage of NIBP data and FHR, Toco, HR, TEMP, SpO2, PR, RESP rate for tabular review.
  • S-T segment automatic detection and display (need support from specific bedside monitors).
  • Rich alarm limits settings.

Network Connecting

  • Serial connector and networking link selectable.
  • Bidirectional signal transmissions between central unit and bedside monitors
  • Switching between 4 beds and 8 beds according to actual monitored bed number.
  • Communication speed: Each channel 9600bit/s;
  • Communication distance: ≥50m

Power Supply

  • Power consumption: ≤150VA;
  • Main unit power: Single phase AC 220V/50Hz;
  • Continuous working time: 240 hours.


  • Main unit: 1 Set, see the following Reference
  • Central System Software: Windows XP + SP1 patch operating system
  • Jet or laser printer (optional) for output of trace and text.

  • Manufactured by: Creative Industry

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