DR2800 Digital Radiography

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  • Wide clinical applications
  • Flexible component geometry
  • Advanced new generation digital detector
  • User friendly interface
  • Powerful per-processing and post-processing
  • Comprehensive network compatibility
  • Affordable and economical

Standard Configration:

  • High frequency high voltage generator
  • Proven X-ray tube
  • Excellent digital detector
  • Outstanding collimator and grid
  • Flexible ceiling suspended arm
  • Mobile carbon fiber radiographic table
  • Vertical wall stand
  • Advanced imaging system

Detector components:

  • Detector Type:  CCD (optional: FPD)
  • Large Field detector: 43x43 cm
  • Matrix: 4128x4128
  • Resolution: 4.6 LP/mm
  • Type Stationary, removable Focal Distance: 100 - 180cm (40"-72")

Wide clinical applications:
A comprehensive solution to all parts of body radiography, especially for oblique radiography. High resoluton images deliver the best.

Flexible component geometry:

Stretch the possibilities of radiographic room size and budget to the maximum with the high –performance DR system. Improve your workflow, exam speed and comfort with our efficient digital radiography system.

User friendly interface:
Column and collimator with LCD touch screen, as long as you touch the screen you can easy manipulate detector and tube.

Powerful pre-processing and post-processing :
Tracking and postioning: Adjust detector's vertical height, automatically aligns tube and detector to maintain source to image distance (SID), fully get rid of the traditional height adjustment and application.

Comprehensive network compatibility

Systematic and comprehensive support with DICOM, multiple connection with RIS / HIS / PACS, fast image storage, browsing, querying, and printing.

  • Manufactured by: Landwind Medical

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