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Extremely portable and exceptional performance VINNO G50 meets all your clinical needs by:

  • Unmatched image quality
  • Innovative, cutting-edge volume imaging processing  technology
  • All ranges of features, functions, and probes
  • Flexible and customized simple workflow, Extremely flexible and compact design with 19” monitor


• 2D grayscale imaging
• Harmonic imaging both in tissue harmonic and pulse inversion harmonic technologies
• VFusion, RF-based directional-enhanced information compounding
• VSpeckle, specialized and adaptive imaging processing to remove speckle noise artifacts and enhance tissue edge for clarity and accuracy
• VTissue, the advanced adaptive image processing to compensate for sound and speed variation in different tissue
• Auto imaging optimization
• Easy Comparative Function to compare previous exam
• Color M-mode
• Color Doppler imaging
• Power Doppler imaging
• Pulse wave Doppler imaging
• Simultaneous 2D and M mode
• Duplex 2D/PW Doppler
• Triplex 2D/Color/PW Doppler
• High PRF pulsed wave Doppler
• Continuous wave Doppler
• RF-based Zoom
• FULL screen imaging to enlarge imaging size
• Dual real time imaging without compromising imaging size
• TView for trapezoidal imaging
• 3D imaging
• 3D/4D HQR (High Quality rendering)
• VOCAL (Volume calculation, Follicle count)
• SRV (Super Resolution Volume) to have extreme contrast and resolution in thin volume
• Tomographic display (MCUT)
• Auto NT
• Real-time grayscale 4D
• Three leads ECG function
• Tissue Doppler (TD) mode
• Tissue Velocity Imaging (TVI) mode
• Auto IMT function

  • Manufactured by: VINNO Technology

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