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Mobile, solid and affordable VINNO E30 provides excellent value across the full range of general imaging and women healthcare applications. It is also perfect for regional nerve block, musculoskeletal, rheumatology applications by:

  • Exceptional image quality including high end 3D/4D capability
  • Versatile features and functions
  • Amazing superficial imaging for breast and other small parts.
  • Up to 18MHz capability provides excellent visualization tools in regional nerve block, musculoskeletal, rheumatology clinical applications
  • Easy to use workflow with touch panel and 19 monitor


2D grayscale imaging
Harmonic imaging both in tissue harmonic and pulse inversion harmonic technologies
VFusion, directional-enhanced information compounding
VSpeckle, specialized and adaptive imaging processing to remove speckle noise artifacts and enhance tissue edge for clarity and accuracy
VTissue, the advanced adaptive image processing to compensate for sound and speed variation in different tissue
Auto imaging optimization
Easy Comparative Function to compare previous exam
Color Doppler imaging
Power Doppler imaging
Pulse wave Doppler imaging
Simultaneous 2D and M mode
Duplex 2D/PW Doppler
Triplex 2D/Color/PW Doppler
High PRF pulsed wave Doppler
Continuous wave Doppler
FULL screen imaging to enlarge imaging size
Dual real time imaging without compromising imaging size
TView for trapezoidal imaging
Tomographic display (MCUT)
VOCAL (Volume calculation, Follicle count)
Auto NT* (Optional)
3D imaging
Real-time grayscale 4D
Tissue Doppler (TD) mode
Tissue Velocity Imaging (TVI) mode
Auto IMT function

  • Manufactured by: VINNO Technology

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