Business Development Solutions

Providing supporting services for your exploring partnership opportunities and establishing distribution networks in China  
Based on our expertise and better links with local companies, hospitals, research institutions and associations, we provide the professional services for your exploring partnership opportunities in China including OEM, sourcing, investment, and M&A.
The whole services will be provided for your establishing successful sales networks in China.

Distributors: Based on our databases and better links with local distributors, we will search and identify the qualified distributors according to your requirements.

Sales Channels: We will provide consults on distribution strategies including policies, pricing, top regions, as well as key clients.

Products Promotion: Products and services will be introduced in Chinese on Product Center, the online platform designed specifically for local clients. Online advertising opportunities will also be provided.

Press Releasing
Press releases will be published on our news center platforms to both overseas and local readers, and will also be republished via social media such as Twitter, Weibo, and Wechat.  
  - Fresenius Medical Care completes acquisition of a 70% equity interest in Kunming Wuhua Healthcare Hospital Co. Ltd.  
  - Freudenberg Medical Expands Asia Operations  
  - Rockwell Medical Announces ESA Sparing, Compositions and Use Patent Allowed in China  
  - China's Healthcare Market to See Surge of Investment and Opportunities in Next 15 Years  
  - 康德乐收购罗达医药80%股份扩大上海地区覆盖面  
  - 万孚生物拟募资8.45亿元建设新生产基地  
  - GE医疗与中国心血管健康联盟启动战略合作  

The English News Center covers regulations, new products, hospitals news, as well as other company activities such as partnerships and M&A, and is designed specifically for overseas readers who want to learn more China medtech industry dynamics.

The Chinese News Center covers the same scope as English News Center, and will present more global news to help local clients learn better of the world medtech market.

Our email campaigns will deliver the messages to the targeted readers.

English to Chinese translation services will be provided as requests.

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