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  China MedTech Data
  - Population: 1,374.6 Million
  - Natural Growth Rate: 0.496%
  - Healthcare Institutions: 1 Million
  - Hospitals: 27,587
  - Medical Device Manufacturers: 14,000
  - Sick Beds: 7.0 Million
  - Physicians: 3.0 Million
  - Nurses: 3.2 Million
Did You Know
  - China will have 240 million aged people (above 60) by 2020.  
  - China's total patient visits in the first half of 2016 reached 3,850 million, with year on year growth of 2.3%.  
What's New
  China Medical Device Industry Yearbook - 2016 (New Publication)
  CMTM Opinion: China Medical Device Market to Slow Down
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  To provide field interview based market research publications with valuable data and unique insights, covering market size, policies, future trends, driving factors, as well as competitive environment analysis ...

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  Key data of the Chinese medtech industry, including biddings, healthcare resources, official statistics, and medtech products & manufacturers ...
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  We are focusing on the Chinese medtech industry covering medical imaging & electronics, orthopaedics, IVDs, high value medical consumables, medical service, as well as medtech manufacturing & design.

We are providing market intelligence and business development solutions, including market research, newsletters, databases, media partnering, digital marketing, as well as customized projects.

  Based in Shanghai, we've established good relationships with both local and multinational manufacturers, hospitals, dealers, as well as OEM providers, and are presenting many kinds of services and solutions to them.
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